Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits of wood chips?

Wood chips are quite a versatile product. It can be used as a means to generate energy. Within the agricultural industry, wood chips serve as a multi-purposes product which can be used as compost, charcoal, for plant medium in hothouses and tunnels.

Why is it necessary to mulch?

For the past 50+ years, the agricultural soil has been drained and depleted of nutrients, which were never properly replaced. Water shortage has become a reality, and more must be accomplished with less water. In order to replace, as well as retaining moisture, it is vital that prunings, uprooted old orchards and other plant wastes are recycled and recultivated into the soil. Carbon-rich soil renders higher yields.

It offers the farmer his own source of compost and mulch.

Recycling of waste wood, as opposed to burning, prevents pollution, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and reduces the cost of removing waste timber.

It can even be used as pressed wood to manufacture furniture.