A new chip spreader for Sitrusrand in the Eastern Cape

A new chip spreader for Sitrusrand in the Eastern Cape

It is considered well and true that need inspires passion, passion creates creativity, creativity leads to action and action solves your previous need. As such, the Africa Biomass Company proudly introduces to you, Pieter Nortje from the Eastern Cape.

Pieter had an enormous impact on the mulch industry when he became a pioneer by realising the huge positive impact it has on farming in the Eastern Cape.

Pieter, a well-known farmer from Kirkwood, was pulled into the sharp-edged and richly-fertilized world of wood chipping due to the growing demand for wood chips on his farms.

This has thankfully led to ABC’s ever-expanding business to make a blip on the Eastern Cape radar and made their services easily reachable in the Sundays River Valley due to Pieter’s foresight.

In the circles of citrus farming, the story of Pieter Nortje and his humble beginnings is very well-known. In 1994, Pieter graduated from Stellenbosch University and joined his family farm, Sitrusrand, to start his career as a commercial farmer.

The Growth of Sitrusrand

A year later Pieter built the first pack-house on the farm.

Today, Pieter farms 26 different varieties and has since built 2 more pack houses. Most citrus he has farmed is exported to 47 different outside countries – ranging from Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East, Russia and the Far East.

Recycle Unwanted Biomass into Mulch

Pieter, being a firm believer in green farming, invested in Africa Biomass Company and the Bandit brand. To recycle unwanted biomass into mulch, Pieter has acquired Bandit wood chippers to assist in this recycling process.

The Saving Grace, the ABC Chip Spreader

Early in 2018, Pieter acquired ABC’s patented Chip Spreader to save more water on his farms. The spreader allows Pieter to easily and evenly distribute wood chips onto the dirt surrounding the newly planted trees.

The chips, or mulch, increases the water retention in the ground by providing an extra barrier between sunlight and the topsoil. It also decreases the chances of water-thirsty weeds growing at the base of the saplings by hindering their ability to push out above the mulch.

The Western Cape and Eastern Cape, now known to be drought-stricken provinces, requires a great deal of water-saving practices. In fact, water saving has become such an integral part of farming in these provinces that farming without it has become an impractical, laughable and unaffordable measure.

Pieter Nortjé Sitrusrand next to his ABC Chip Spreader
Pieter Nortje next to the patented chip spreader he acquired from Africa Biomass Company in Kirkwood, Eastern Cape


Africa Biomass Company would like to congratulate Pieter Nortje, farmer of Sitrusrand in the Eastern Cape, with the purchase of our patented designed chip spreader.

We wish you all the best with your endeavors and success with your businesses, and look forward to many more years of a profitable business relationship. Thanks again.

Featured image from Farmers Weekly

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