Orchard or Vineyard Removal & Recycling

Orchard Removal & Recycling

ABC works as contractors, to deliver a complete service by mechanically removing old orchards from your farm and processing it to a viable product that if applied correctly, could have a 30% increase in water conservation as well as many other advantages

Wood Chip Processing

With the use of excavators with specialized attachments and three-wheel loggers, orchards are removed from root to top and fed into a horizontal grinder. The horizontal grinder processes the waste wood according to the specifications discussed and agreed upon with the landowner or project manager.

Mulch Transport

Wood chips from the recycled orchards, vineyards or windbreaks can be collected in mass trailers for transport to a collection site or it can be strewn, as mulch, directly in new or established orchards and vineyards.

Mulch Spreader

ABC provides spreading of mulch with our patented, personally designed chip spreaders.

The mulch spreader is the most effective manner to strew wood chips evenly. The spreader spread width and volume can be adjusted, or calibrated, to each client’s needs and specifications.

ABC’s mulch spreaders are of the highest quality and are very efficient.

Wood Chips Best Practice

It is an excellent practice to apply compost and mulch in existing, as well as the establishment of new plantations.

The best results are obtained by strewing compost in the orchards or vineyards before covering it with mulch. Wood chips can also be used as a base to produce compost.

Farmers in pursuit of the best practices deem this process of such a high value that they now harvest the wood from invasive trees on other parts of their farms, for example on the riverbanks.

Buy or Rent Chip Spreaders

You can buy, or rent these unique patented designed mulch spreaders from ABC. Different size spreaders are available to suit every client’s need.

Africa Biomass Company’s mulch spreaders are of the highest quality and are very efficient.