Wood Chipper Equipment Hire

Towards the end of 2008, the need and demand for the chipping of orchards increased to such an extent that the strategy of hand-fed chippers was switched to that of horizontal grinders, fed by a mechanical loader. In collaboration with Môreson Grondverskuiwers, we now offer a full-service range.

Wood Chipper Equipment Hire Fleet

  • Large horizontal grinders
  • Whole tree chippers
  • Stump grinders/forestry mowers
  • Bell loggers
  • Tractors and trailers
  • Tractors and mulch spreaders
  • Excavators with grabs
  • Specialised land clearing equipment
  • LDV’s and full workshop facilities
  • Chainsaw teams
  • Workshop and admin staff
  • Total number employees for biomass recycling department equals 145

Bandit Model 2680 Horizontal Grinder

Bandit The Beast Model 2680 Horizontal Grinder

Capacity: 90 cm
Length: 983 cm
Width: 259 cm
Height: 375.70 cm
Mill Opening: 90 x 152 cm
Feed wheel length: 152 cm
Infeed conveyor: 152 x 441.5 cm
Engine: 398 kW

Bandit Model 1680 Horizontal Grinder

Bandit The Beast Model 1680 Horizontal Grinder

Capacity: 40.6 cm
Length: 914 cm
Width: 244 cm
Height: 353 cm
Mill Opening: 60.90 x 132 cm
Feed system: Diameter: 50.8 cm
Length: 132 cm
Infeed conveyor: 132 x 305 cm
Engine: 210 kW

ABC Bulk Mulch/Wood Chips Transport

Bulk Mulch/Wood Chips Transport

Capacity: 90m3

Bell 225 logger

Bell 225A logger

Engine Nett Power: 49 kW (65.7 hp)
Operating Weight: 5 200 kg
Grapple Capacity: 0.35 m2

Woodcracker C550

C550 Woodcracker

Cutting Diameter: 550 mm
Gripper Opening: 1 600 mm
Diameter of Shears: 900 mm
Operated with: Liebherr 906
Komatsu PC 228

Mulch Spreader (Patented Design)

Africa Biomass Company Mulch Spreader

Capacity: 9 m3
Length: 5.70 m
Width: 1.8 m
Height: 2 m
Towed by: John Deere 5425N 4×4 Tractor
John Deere 5076EF 4×4 Tractor

Bulk Dumper Trailer

Bulk Rear Tip Trailer

Capacity: 30 m3
Towed by: 75 – 110 kW 4×4 Tractor

Bush Rake

Bush Rake
Dual purpose heavy duty Bush Rake can rake uprooted trees and vegetation. TyrFil on the Bush Rake to prevent flat tyres for trouble-free operation. Built tough for African conditions. This implement is also called a “Stick Rake”.

Model: TRKF 1680-5
Weight: 9 000 kg
Working Width: 3.75 m
Number of Rake Wheels: 5